30+ Celebrities And Their Parents At A Similar Age That Will Make You Look Twice

Nothing can set you on the fast track to being a celebrity quicker than having a famous parent. Even if the birth was followed by a slew of controversies and perhaps the demand for a DNA test, it certainly wouldn’t matter. At least, not in this age where every decision from hair products to plastic surgery attempts are motivated by the star-studded look of celebrities. They certainly didn’t need mom or dad to get their foot in the door; perhaps because they look like mom or dad emerging into the world. And with Hollywood routinely handpicking its finest since times past, there is no greater convenience than looking like a famous person – not even if your parents stocked up on enough trust funds to take care of your retirement planning from birth. Just ask these folks.

Scott Eastwood & Clint Eastwood At Age 30


Clint Eastwood may have enjoyed tremendous attention in his day, even amassing an enviable net worth by being one of the most sought-after actors at one time. But Hollywood was not so generous to his son, Scott Eastwood; and daddy was certainly in no hurry to give him some pointers on gaining international repute. So thanks to an incredible jawline, undeniable talent, and the overall striking resemblance, Scott has already started making ripples in the star system. The actor worked his way up from nowhere to being Little Nobody in The Fate of The Furious. As it turns out, all he got was enough anyway.

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