8 Sketchy Things Everyone Just Ignores About Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco rose to fame as America's bubbly sweetheart on The Big Bang Theory, but her real life is rife full of turmoil from secret relationships to misguided quotes about feminism. Check out the 8 sketchy things this young divorcee has acted.


1. She erased her ex-husband instantaneously.

When you take a look at Cuoco's Instagram, you will not find anything about her ex-husband, Ryan Sweeting. She deleted all the traces of Sweeting the day before they announced their divorce in September 2015. Afterwards, she unfollowed him and removed mentions of him.


2. The destruction of her marriage was sketchy.

Kaley's divorce with her husband was supposedly caused by Sweeting's addiction to painkillers. However, some reports claimed that it was actually Kaley who undermined their marriage. According to the tabloids, "Kaley would go out with her friends, without her wedding ring, and get wasted. She'd drink two bottles herself."


3. Kaley moved on quickly.

Shortly after filing the divorce, Kaley was reportedly linked to the English actor Paul Blackthorne as well as country singer Sam Hunt and then even to her co-star in the "Big Bang Theory" Johnny Galecki. These rumors were denied by Kaley.


4. She has been accused of dating for publicity.

Just weeks after her engagement with Josh "Lazie" Resni was canceled, Kaley was spotted hanging out with a mystery man at a nightclub. According to the report, "Kaley and the guy were giggling all night in the V.I.P. section, where they were kissing, dancing and even did an impromptu photo shoot." She was also reported to have had a fling with "Man of Steel" star Henry Cavill.


5. She secretly dated Johnny Galecki for years.

Cuoco said that she had dated her "The Big Bang Theory" co-star Johnny Galecki for about two years. The two shared a lot of pictures on social media though Cuoco added a "#notdating" hashtag to these photos.


6. Her views on feminism sparked controversy.

Cuoco came under fire due to an interview with Redbook, in which she said that feminism isn't something she thinks that much about. She said, "I was never that feminist girl demanding equality, but maybe that's because I've never really faced inequality." Unsuprisingly, it didn't sit that well with feminists.


7. She disrespected the American flag.

On July 4, 2016, Cuoco stepped again into a controversy when she posted a photo on social media of her three dogs sitting on an American flag that had been put on the ground. When the furor became intense, Cuoco deleted the photo and made an apology on Instagram.


8. She's obsessed with herself.

In 2004, Cuoco admitted that she is obsessed with what people say about her. She would even found herself doing something unthinkable, like acting on the advice of cyber bullies.